TriChat: IronMan Training Week 12 – Shaken But Not Stirred

I sometimes think that if I write with confidence, or if I write that I am becoming more confident in my training, its like the confidence drains from me onto my computer and I am left on empty.  Just after I wrote last week was solid, this week was crap.

Not all of it was crap, but my tests were crap.  I was already a bit shaken by an argument with my son (for another post), and when it came time for my bike FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test on Thursday I was feeling drained.

Cynthia and I did the test with Andreas at the Ultrabikex Studio.  We did a warm up and then our instructions were to go as hard as we could for ten miles.  From the get go I was falling behind. I couldn’t find my groove, my strength and much less my speed.  My heart rate was through the roof, and next to me was a very focused and determined Cynthia, looking down and kicking butt.  By mile seven I was out of breath and kept saying “I can’t”, a massive wave of negativity hit me over the head.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t finish the test, but I couldn’t bring my power numbers up to where I thought they could be.  I was disappointed but a good kick in the butt keeps me humble.  I took it in stride.

They were happy ... I was frustrated.

They were happy … I was frustrated.

On Friday, I had my swim test.  Same concept: all out for 500 yards.  As I was warming up, I realized I left my watch at home.  I did not do it on purpose, if you know me you know that if my head were not attached I would leave that behind as well.  I devised a plan to use the pool clock to figure out my time except that the pool watch was broken.  I could’ve chosen to do the test another day but I had fretted over this test all night so by golly I was going to get it done.  Fortunately, the nice lifeguard took my time.  I didn’t do great, but I didn’t do awful.

Saturday was the run test.  And that one was royally bad.  So bad I didn’t do it.  The goal was to run six miles as fast as you can.  After the warm up, I realized my legs weren’t really moving.  I took a 40mg caffeine gel, the type of gel I take when I need a major push, and not even that would get me moving.  It was so hot, and so humid the mental struggle was even greater than what my legs were going through.  I finally decided to forgo the test but not the workout.  And though disappointed for not finishing the test, I did feel proud that I finished what was on my training plan and chalked it off to mental practice. I need lot’s of that.

Grey picture reflects my mood during testing week.

Grey picture reflects my mood during testing week.

Fortunately Sunday brought good news for me.  I rode 85 miles with a friend from the GEICO Road Safety Bike Tour.  I rode the way I like to ride – hard but steady in a zone where my heart is not about to jump off my chest.  A pace that is a bit tough to keep, but that with some work I can keep for a very long time.  That ride saved me from being both shaken AND stirred.

To review here went my week:

Monday: SWIM.  1.5 mile open water swim

Tuesday: DAY OFF. Life got in the way ….

Wednesday: RUN. “Easyish” 45 minute run

Thursday: BIKE. Crappy FTP test

Friday: SWIM. Rather crappy swim test

Saturday: RUN. Seriously crappy run test

Sunday: BIKE. A redeeming 85 miles

12 weeks down, 11 to go.  How was your training week?

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  1. Well, I was so tired rode my bike right into the ditch and couldn’t walk for 48hrs….so don’t feel too badly about things!! The long season is starting to show itself….arriving to PCB alive is now a key goal!

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