TriChat: IronMan Training Week 10 – Back In Business

The latter part of this week was certainly better than how it began.  I was leaving Portugal via a detour in Spain which meant an eight hour road trip to Madrid on Monday, and a marathon 25 hour trip from Madrid to Miami two days later.  You can read about THAT here.  However, I was told by my Wolfpack Alpha that this weekend began the “real” IronMan weekend training … as opposed to whatever it was we were doing before.  I got home on a Wednesday, and on Thursday I was at it like no one’s business.

I feel like all the riding I did in the mountains in Portugal gave me strength which serves me well on the bike and run.  However, I fell behind on the swim as I did not have access to a pool and did mostly mile swims in a river.  Good, but not enough.  So, its time to focus, increase the miles, and slowly teach my body to keep going for a bit longer than its used to.  I am weirdly excited about it all …..


Cynthia and I after running 16 miles.

I do need to pay attention to nutrition, a topic that I have been avoiding simply because I am totally overwhelmed by it.  A lot of my IronMan Florida cohorts are talking about what they use, their strategies, the things they are trying out and I feel I need to pay attention.  So far, what I do works:  I have Accelerade in my water bottles, and GU Gels everywhere.  Nothing else goes into my system and I tend to like it that way.  However, I have never been racing for over 14 hours so I am not sure that this is going to be enough to get me to the finish line.  And if I don’t cross it because of my nutrition, after all this effort, I will be seriously upset.  But just the thought that I need to think about nutrition is already intimidating.  Oh boy …

In the meantime … this is how this week went:

Monday: Travel

Tuesday: RUN. I did a short run around Madrid.  Can’t really consider it training but it was important for me to show myself that I was still committed and got it done.

Wednesday: Travel, and it was one heck of a trip!

Thursday: BIKE. Slider, my bike, was at Ultrabikex getting some love so I went to an awesome spinning class instead.  It was what the doctor ordered to help with my jet lag.

Friday: SWIM. A totally crappy swim where I wasn’t going anywhere fast.  About 2,800 meters.

Saturday: RUN. 16 miles with training partner Cynthia.  It felt good to catch up with her, and fortunately it was somewhat cloudy giving me a soft re-introduction to hot and humid training.

Sunday: BIKE. 70 miles hot as well but I felt fine.   By night, my legs were stiff and sore and I was grateful when I found my foam roller gathering dust under my bed.

The upshot of such heavy training is that you can eat with gusto! And the upshot of living in Miami is lunch with views like this:



I am SO ready for this week.  How about you? How’s your training going?


4 thoughts on “TriChat: IronMan Training Week 10 – Back In Business

  1. hanging in there myself for IMFL training. Did 67 miles Sat and 8 mile run Sunday. Jealous of your workout scenery though! Sounds like you’re on track!! Your nutrition is similar to mine. I do Infinit on the bike (300 cal per 75 min) and GUs on the run during training. At the race I’ll take in race support food on the run too (pretzels, oranges, coke) but stick to my strategy on the bike!

    1. Thank you for you comment Melissa. I was told to be weary of eating race support food if you are not used to it. This is my first (and most likely only) IronMan … Where are you from?

  2. Christina first of all welcome home and I hope you had a great vacation. As for your post, spacefor what it’s worth I think your nutrition plan sounds fine. Because this is unknown territory to most of us if not all of us, there’s a danger of over thinking it. For what it’s worth I drink Accelerade and eat Accel gels on the bike and run and I tested it out at my 70.3 and it works. IM specific points from what I’ve seen are that you need to take in some calories at transition to make up the deficit from the swim and eat a pretty big breakfast more than 3 hours before the start. Again, from my IM 70.3 experience, the coke and pretzels on the run will be good to supplement your sports drink and gels. Rock on, you can do it!

    1. Thanks for the welcome home Edson! My nutrition worked well for the 70.3 but there was one part of the run that I got a little dizzy (then again, it was on a trail … mostly rocks) and i had to look down the whole time. I just want to make sure I’ll have enough.. and instead of worrying, I should just read about it! Look forward to seeing you out there…

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