TriChat: IronMan Florida Training Week 22 – An Attitude of Gratitude

Have I really been training for IronMan Florida for 22 weeks?  Is the race less than a week away? It’s crazy but true.  I am no longer in denial about the race being so close, except that I act as though I still have time to get my stuff together.  There’s so much to do before I leave: a TON of work, kids costumes have to be left organized as well as schedules, babysitters, cat sitters (Olivia?) and carpools.  I need to pack the boy’s bags and mine, and oh yes the little training that has to be done, should be done.  Tapering is no longer a tantrum, it’s too darn busy to be grumpy.  What I do feel is out of shape, tired, and unsure that I really have done all the training.  Well not really.  These two thoughts can live simultaneously in my brain:

Trust your training.  You did the work. You are strong. You will do this.

HOLY SH**!  I’m going to drown, crash, or pass out.

Yep, now-a-days my mind is bad neighborhood to be walking around in.  But then I go out to swim, bike or run and I feel calm again.  My muscles move, they know what they have to do.  And this week has been a constant struggle to stay in the now, to stay positive, and to envision a fantastic finish line.

What I am most grateful for is that my mom is out of the hospital after being there for a week.  Though I have to admit I’ll miss her compression machine.  Sigh.

compression legs hospital

Fortunately I have an amazing support group starting with Joe and the boys, my family, friends and a group of people who have seen me grow, change and who believe in me.  I have my sponsors: Ultrabikex, Fitness Together,, SeeMeInTheDark, Got Chocolate Milk, and Rudy Project, who gave me everything to be successful including many pep talks.  I have my Wolfpack team without whom I wouldn’t be here to begin with, everyone who donated to the National Parkinson Foundation to whom I am gratefully accountable, and my fellow #IMFL tweeps on Twitter and Facebook with whom I’ve shared this journey.  I also have you, my readers, who send me messages of encouragement and who tell me that watching me struggle and grow has helped you take risks and go on journeys of your own.

A friend who is also racing IronMan Florida posted that her anxiety was dissipating and she was beginning to feel excitement.  I can relate.  And even more than excitement I am filled with gratitude.

As for my training, I am looking at my Training Peaks as suggestions of things to do to stay lose, healthy and well.   I end up doing a lot of it, but completely off the schedule.  Oh well.  Here is how it went:

Cycling,, got chocolate milk, Monday: SWIM – OWS – tenny tiny OWS with friends.

Tuesday: RUN – 50 minute tempo run.

Wednesday: SWIM – 2 mile OWS to make sure a borrowed long sleeve wetsuit fit well.  It did! 

Thursday: STRENGTH at Fitness Together … yep, arms and core.

Friday: SWIM – OWS Practice in wetsuit again this time with ridiculously choppy water. 

Saturday: BIKE – 40 miles with two of my Wolfpack teammates and got to try out my Got Chocolate Milk kit.  RUN – 30 minutes

Sunday: RUN – It was supposed to be a rest day, but I did a one hour easy run that I had skipped during the week.  Best running buddy ever.  Dreamer came with me and rode his wing flier (picture above).  I am hoping this was the first of many ….

How about you? How was your training week?



Same spot, two days apart. Wednesday with no wind, Friday with major wind. Praying for the least amount of wind possible on Saturday.


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