TriChat: IronMan Florida Week 20 – Run Forrest Run

Twenty seems like such a milestone number … twenty weeks of IronMan Florida training; but in reality week twenty was a blur.  It’s Sunday and I’m still not sure how I got here.  All I know is that I ran more this week than ever in my life.

Though it was a week worth celebrating.  I still have bricks, bike rides, and runs, but the crazy long training sessions are behind me.  Last week was the bike, and this week was the run.  I’m very glad that is over, and I only have three weeks to go!

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My marathon “concerns” me though.  I find running hard – both physically and mentally.  Physically I feel slow, cumbersome, and heavy – I’m no gazelle.  But mentally, holy cow, the run takes everything I have.  You just can’t stop on the bike,  you pedal and move forward. However the run is a different story; I stop and walk for no apparent good reason: because I can, because I give up.  It infuriates me.

And then the mental arguments and negotiations begin making the run even more difficult; run to the next stop sign, walk to the next tree. The comittee that lives in my brain won’t shut up and 26.2 miles of this will drive my crazy.

My run is almost as bad as my hair style

My run is almost as bad as my hair style


I tried a different strategy this weekend as it included 28 miles of running solo.  I stopped every mile and walked for a bit: sometimes thirty seconds, sometimes a minute.  This is the equivalent of walking through the water stations at IronMan.  Incredibly enough, the strategy worked because all I had to tell myself was “make it to the next mile and you get a break.”  That distance is greater than the next tree but less than the finish line, and somehow that made the run between mile markers smoother.  My hubby Joe ran his two marathons using the Galloway run/walk method but I had never really used it.  I have to say though, I will be walking through the water stations at IronMan Florida; perhaps I will have to walk shorter intervals too but I now have 28-mile intervals under my belt and feel a tad better about facing the marathon.

So here is how the week went:

personal training, strength training

Core torture at Fitness Together

Monday: SWIM: OWS – If the ocean is calm and clear I am choosing to do an open water swim over a pool swim.  I am getting used to just swimming for a long time so that the race swim doesn’t seem to drag on forever.

Tuesday: RUN: great tempo workout for about 5 miles.  STRENGTH: Fitness Together with Brian core, core and some more core.

Wednesday: OWS – perfect water.

Thursday: STRENGTH – my hip hurt so I forwent the bike to be better prepared for Friday’s run.  I did do strength training at Fitness Together – back and core.

Friday: RUN – The moment of truth wasn’t too awful; 18 miles by my lonesome.

Saturday: OWS – 1.36 miles and Dreamer’s birthday party – a marathon in and of itself.

Sunday: BIKE – 40 miles, RUN – 10 miles. Again on my own but weirdly enjoyed the time with my thoughts.

Twenty weeks down … three to go.  How about you? How as your training week?

IronMan Florida, triathlon

Sunday’s brick. I’m having fun learning how to better use Pic Monkey. Get ready!


4 thoughts on “TriChat: IronMan Florida Week 20 – Run Forrest Run

  1. Nice week of training and awesome job getting your head wrapped around those runs. Those intervals sound perfect! I had a long weekend of training alone and definitely didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. I actually just wrote about it on my blog too. Funny how sometimes things go so differently than you expect in a good way. I’m enjoying watching your training. I’m doing my first Half Ironman in a few weeks and signed up for a full for next year.

    1. Thank you … yes, this whole process of training has been surprising. Had you asked me if I thought I would be writing about family health a year ago, I would’ve laughed and here I am! Good luck on your half. What full did you sign up for?

  2. I’ve done all my training alone until this last weekend and I had SO much fun I hated to be alone again this week!! Great long run, I got my long 18 in last week as well and it was a RELIEF! I know you’ll do great!! It’s almost here!!

    1. Yes! It’s almost here. OMG. I trained alone again this weekend. I guess it’s good preparation for the big day. I’ll get to meet you soon 🙂

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