Tri Chat: The Party Started

It was a big week in my little journey.  I finished off the school year and have left my job as a preschool teacher as you can read here.  I found the picture above that one of my students drew for me … it’s the two of us holding hands.  I’ll miss that kind of stuff as children have such a unique way showing love.  In addition, I now have to make a living out of TriathlonMami which brings with it a lot excitement and challenges all of which I embrace whole heartedly.

However, as far as training goes this is great news.  I now have more time to both train and rest and it comes just as my official IronMan Florida training begins.  Not only that but when Joey, our task master, posts workouts to our Wolfpack group I am in the “IronMan Athletes” schedule.  That makes me feel so cool I can’t begin to describe it.

Until I hit my long runs and I don’t feel so cool anymore.  Geez.  Give me a short tempo run and my ego at least can see progress but long runs have become synonymous to “struggled runs.” Part of it is mental, and part is the need for practice.  I’m sure I will be writing more on that soon ….

I feel this week was hopefully the last of my missing workouts week, and thankfully I did hit the key ones. This is what I did:

Monday: Memorial day and no spinning class so I took advantage and did a long swim workout of 4,400 (or so) yards.  I lost track but it was a heck of a lot of yards.

Tuesday: Joe out of town, rainy and just impossible to train.

Wednesday: I forgot I had a goodbye luncheon so my running plans got messed up.  I also had a goodbye evening gathering so that was out too.  Freaked out.

Thursday: I made up for Wednesday by double booking.  In the morning I did a bike workout in the trainer before boys got up, and in the afternoon a tempo run while the boys were at soccer practice. Joe was still out of town.

Friday: Swim 3,400 or 3,600 yards (can’t remember … I guess I should write these down). Lots of speed work.  Felt wonderful.

Saturday: 11 mile run and 1 hour bike ride.  Most of it with Cynthia, my IMFL training buddy.  The best part was hearing “Hi Ms. Cristina” from one of my former students as we ran.

Sunday: 40 mile bike ride with high RPM.  When I finally understood it, I tried to stay as close to 100 RPM for most of the ride.  I love heavy and slow cadence so this was definitely a challenge! Followed by a 15 minute run.


Me, after Saturday’s workout!

Strength training? Not yet, but it is coming … I hope.  It’s incredibly difficult for me to do this on my own so I need to figure out a plan or suck it up and do it.

I am so ready for next week … are you?

2 thoughts on “Tri Chat: The Party Started

  1. I am charged up for my week. As Ken used to say to the Merry Pranksters, “You are either on the bus or off the bus.” “Go further” was the name of the bus.
    Make yourself proud (and us, your fans).

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