Tri Chat: IronMan Training Week 2

In my real life (as opposed to my training) this has been a transition week since my job as a teacher ended.  I had visions of what life without a “real job” would be and it included having  TIME to train, work on my blog, on my to-do list,  and even clean closets.

Unfortunately it was also the last week of kindergarten and first grade for my boys, and Joe was out of town.  That meant early dismissal, parties, graduation ceremonies,  and more parties including one for Fearless who is turning six this summer.

This all means that life without a “real job”, at least for this week was not as expected.  I know it will change and I am taking it as it comes.  No freak-outs yets.

However, even with all of this my training was pretty solid and that feels good.  We had bad weather and I didn’t swim enough but I have a feeling that I could look at every week and think of things I missed, or think of those I was able to accomplish.  I’m choosing to focus on the latter. Here it goes:


Bia and I after spinning on Monday

Monday: SPINNING with my sis Bia.  

Tuesday: RUN, easy 50 minute run followed by COMPUTRAINER, I did the Escape to Alcatraz course at Ultrabikex and am in the process of writing about it so more to come …..

Wednesday: Fearless’ graduation from Kinder and his birthday party took precedence over training.

Thursday: Tempo RUN holding a fast pace for 40 minutes.  I have a complete love/hate relationship with this.

Friday: SWIM – oh yes! Because there is swimming in an IronMan.  Long sets at pool though I can’t remember total yards.

Saturday: RUN – 12 mile run with 7 bridge repeats to get stronger.  Where I live, the only elevation we have is Powell bridge pictured above with about a half a mile of 4% incline.  I was attacked by gnats which was quite disgusting but felt great during the run.

Sunday: BIKE – 50 miles with Cynthia at close to 100 RPMs the entire time.  It took a long time to get it done, but unlike last week I stayed true to this cadence for about 46 miles.




Cynthia and I after the 50 hamster-like miles


Yep those are gnats. How gross is that?


How about you? How was your training week?


4 thoughts on “Tri Chat: IronMan Training Week 2

  1. ICK THOSE GNATS!!! But impressive the 100 rpm’s for 46 miles. I can dream…
    this is my first week of half-iron training as the kids are at camp and it is SO HARD getting back into it!! A little overly ambitious as usual…such as moms lives…

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