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I’ve been highlighting our Team ThumbsUp sponsors because in less than a week, five women will be taking to the ocean in the Florida Keys to tackle the eight-mile open water Swim For Alligator Lighthouse. We won’t be doing the regular four-person relay, instead four of us will be pulling our disabled team member.

You can read about how this crazy adventure started here. We are doing this to show #ThereAreNoLimits to what you can do. To remind you that if what you really want is to (Fill In The Blank), chances are that with a lot of hard work, some compromising, and a little luck you will get it. It may not look the way you intended it, but it will happen.

Just as our race will happen. We needed a lot of help to get to this point, and we have found it in a group of sponsors who believe in our mission. Who want to be a part of something positive and is no exception.

TriVillage also sponsors my triathlon team Wolfpack

TriVillage also sponsors my triathlon team Wolfpack

If you don’t know them, they are an online triathlon store where you can get everything, and I mean everything, triathlon related. They also have a store here in South Florida, and my heading over tends to make a mean dent to my bank account.

From Goggles to Go-Pros the store is stocked; but their service stands out. In fact, I met Roy, one of the owners, on my very first visit where he spent an hour looking for my best fit in running shoes. also sponsors my team, the Wolfpack, and when I asked Roy if he would be our nutrition sponsor for this project he didn’t hesitate. He made it happen. Roy asked us what we fueled with and I mentioned Gu Energy. Soon a box full of goodies was in our hands. It included the new Gu Brew which is a mixture of electrolytes and carbs in a powder that you mix with water. This is perfect for Kerry, who will be riding in a dinghy all day unable to eat a little sandwich snack like the rest of us. She will have to be fueled by Gu and the brew., Gu Energy, Roy Lazarus

The swimmers, on the other hand, will have some time on the boat and so is providing us with water, Gatorade, and food we will consume while we wait our turn to swim.

The next time you need anything triathlon related, head over to You will be pleased with their offering and pleasantly surprised by their prices. If you happen to stop by the store in South Florida, don’t forget to say hi from their big fans: team ThumbsUp!

Thank you also to our other ThumbsUp Sponsors without whom racing would not be possible: Hilton Key Largo, Athleta, Balanced Diet Institute, See Me In The Dark, Ultrabikex Studio, Train2Give, and Active Disabled Americans.

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