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I’m just a teensy bit excited.  See that new logo there, on the side bar?  Yep, the South Florida Parenting one?  I made it into the Mom Approved Panel!

That means I am now an ambassador for this print and online publication, and will help them get the word out on information that is relevant to moms in the area.  For example – right now they are holding a Don’t Be A Bully contest open to school age students in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.


Dreamer has been on the outskirts of a bullying incident in his classroom and it was unsettling. I believe I am raising boys who “know better;” but the truth is, they are not immune to social pressures – especially the subtle role of the passive bystander.  This is the kid who watches a bully intimidate his victim but doesn’t stand up to him.  It’s a confusing place; you see your friend being mean to another friend and your gut tells you it’s wrong, but it’s your friend after all.  Dreamer was only remotely visible in his classroom situation which did not seem to escalate, but the need to have the bully conversation was made loud and clear to me.  It is NOT okay to let someone go ahead and be a bully.  I want to raise boys who stand up both for themselves and others. We all spoke about it at the dinner table where dad reinforced the need to act, I attended the anti-bullying workshop at school, and now I can use this contest to bring that conversation up again.  Bullying doesn’t happen only at school – it’s in the playground, sports team, or even a triathlon.

Details on the contest can be found here, and the deadline for entries is June 5th.  Not only will the winner appear in the August issue of the magazine but will also receive a Kids Fun Pass granting them free access to many of South Florida’s main attractions.  We’ll be working on our entries this weekend, so send yours in!

The other great part of the panel is the company I get to keep.  Here they are:

Forgive the terrible picture!

Forgive the terrible picture!

•Aileen Van Pelt of Newsy Parents

•Dana Brillante – Peller of Pellerini Proclaims

•Colleen Shibley of Shibley Smiles

•Joanie Cox Henry of Eye Need Glamour

•Erica Chao of Mama’s Mission

•Melissa Roy of Beyond Mommying

•Jessica Teixeira of The Beauty Delicacy

•Christina Nicholsan of Mascara Maven

•Heather McMechan of Local Mom Scoop

•Heather Lopez of Bloggin Mamas

•Janet Eltaktouk of Outersparkle

•Cristina Ramirez of Triathlon Mami  

Therefore cheers to a new partnership and to the many adventures we can all have together!


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