Shower Upgrade By Moen

“It’s so easy to install you won’t need a plumber.”

I tried to warn my contact at Moen that she was completely overrating my DIY ability, especially when it came to stuff for the home. But she insisted:

“I promise, you don’t need one.”

I finally took her word for it. I mean, if they made the Attract with Magnetix Handheld Shower so affordable at an MSRP of $45, the installation would be more expensive than the actual product.

“Okay, I’ll try it.”

moen, magnetix

I live in an older house built around 1950 and though the bathrooms are not in original condition, they are not modern and upgraded. I don’t really mind it, and have come to love the old pink tiles. You don’t have that anymore. But while my friends use massagers on their legs after a long run, or my girl friends rinse off their hair before styling without taking a full shower, I couldn’t do any of that. I had the older type of showerhead which was fixed and mounted with zero flexibility.


An investment in remodeling is out of the question so when Moen offered me the Attract with Magnetix Handheld Shower, meaning an upgrade from my old shower head, I took it.   The only question was whether or not I would be able to install it on my own.

Hmmm. I was full of self doubt when I got the package in the mail.

Moen, Magnetix

I went to and checked out their incredibly helpful videos on installation. I began to gain confidence that I could indeed do it.

I read the instructions and all I needed was an adjustable wrench. I could handle that.

Hubby Joe was supervising my installation skills.  But he did not get involved so that I could really test my abilities!

Hubby Joe was supervising my installation skills. But he did not get involved so that I could really test my abilities!

All I had to do was use the wrench to loosen the current shower head, and ta dah …. screw the new one in. Total estimated time for installation: 5 minutes.

No, I am not kidding. 5 minutes.


moen, magnetix, showerhead, installation


Part of the reason why it’s so simple is that unlike most hand held showers, this one does not need a cradle.   Therefore the only thing that needs to be installed is the shower head and the hose, both of which my kids could do on their own.

Not having a cradle is great for bathrooms like mine which lack in space. I can still get the benefits of a handheld without all the clutter of cradles. It’s pretty neat!

This is how it works: an integrated magnet allows you to easily remove the hand shower. When it’s time to put it back, the powerful magnet snaps the hand shower back in place.

moen, magnetix

Dreamer doesn’t have to reach high to replace the handheld shower. The Magnetix technology snaps it right into place.

For families with children, this is a great tool and allows kids who aren’t still tall enough to reach over the shower head  where typically a cradle is located, to still use the hand shower. However, Moen will make no guarantees that children will will not spray the entire bathroom.  That’s on you.

The hand shower also comes with six settings so that I can switch between a gentle rainfall to intense water jets in a second. I used the massage setting on my sore legs … HEAVEN.

No that's not me!

No that’s not me!

The Attract with Magnetix Handheld Shower is sold exclusively at Home Depot. So for $45, you can significantly upgrade your shower experience. And don’t worry, if I can install this thing in under five minutes … you can do it in three!

Happy showering!

I was provided with a Magnetix Handheld Shower by Moen, but all opinions are my own.



4 thoughts on “Shower Upgrade By Moen

  1. This Magnetic shower unit is a Godsend for handicapped people. I am purchasing one tomorrow ! Thank you Moen for the affordiable price point . Marjan Grace Farnay

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