Looking Back At 2013

It’s been a while since New Years Eve meant anything to me.  I used to hang up so many hopes on that one night: from kissing prince charming to magically conquering my resolution list.  A New Year carried expectations of change – a clean slate.  But throughout the year I would get distracted only to end up once again on New Years Eve vowing for things to be different.  Today, things have indeed changed. I have matured, I have an incredible family and I can unequivocally say 2013 was a phenomenal year for TriathlonMami.

I am almost shy about writing this because I know many people who are struggling with scary, serious issues. To them 2014 could not come soon enough with a promise of things turning around. I offer my friends love and compassion and do my part by being as generous, kind, and helpful as I can be.  Yet if I reflect on my own path, 2013 was a pivotal year with lots of firsts.  And it’s my husband Joe who reminds me that there is no good reason to believe 2014 can’t be just as good if not better for us. And so I sit here, on January 1st as a different person: content with my life and willing to believe it can get even better.

Fitness Together Miami, Strength Training, Miami, Coconut Grove, South Miami

Having great sponsors sure help to feel positive about the future.

2013 showed me that I should be more confident.  Every challenge I set, I had people who believed that I could reach it way before I thought I could. In fact, someone told me my “shtick” is doubting my ability, than crushing a goal.  It was getting old to watch, and that I should be boulder in my goals, as if I set my bar too low so it would be hard to be disappointed.

Food for thought, though I must say I am not afraid of failing as long as I try.  Other than my #SixPackMami goal, everything I set to do was just a bit out of my reach but within the realm of possibility.  A six pack still seems like a stretch. I couldn’t fathom doing an IronMan in January, but by November I knew I was ready. If I trained, chances are I could get there. Yet even if my friend thought my goals weren’t lofty enough, when I took the first step I had a sincere doubt. My goals were bold enough for me.

There was real doubt I would be able to ride up this mountain in Portugal Photo courtesy of Joao Cruz - Esposende

There was real doubt I would be able to ride up this mountain in Portugal   Photo courtesy of Joao Cruz – Esposende

There were days that just getting out the door was a struggle.  But I did it anyways. I focused on what Training Peaks directed me to do that day.  I trusted the process and never looked too far ahead because that was daunting.  Yet if I looked only at the workout in front of me, it was manageable. I focused on the task at hand.

Fortunately, I had lots of help and support starting from my husband and family, to my team Wolfpack, to my incredibly supportive sponsors: Ultrabikex, Chocolate Milk, Fitness Together, See Me In The Dark, TriVillage.com, IRun and Nuun.

And with all this support I look back at my fitness goals for 2013 with satisfaction.  Actually I look at them with a blend of disbelief, humility, and gratitude.  I do not know how I was able to do these things.  I sometimes wonder “was that really me?”

Here were my highlights:

GEICO Florida Road Safety Bike TourGeico Florida Road Safety Bike Tour

400 miles in 4 days across Florida spreading the message of safety on our roads for all its users.

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SugarLoaf MountainUnderArmour #WhatsBeautiful Challenge: Sugarloaf Climb

I was terrified of climbing on my bike and so my challenge was to ride Sugarloaf, the highest point in Florida (granted that is not too high).


Triatlo Longo de CaminhaTriatlo Longo de Caminha

A 70.3 distance race with close to 4,000 feet of climbing on the bike.  I came in last place, way after the race had finished.  In this utmost defeat I found my biggest victory.  I proved to myself I was resilient, and only then did I know I would somehow finish my first IronMan.

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IronMan Florida FinishIronMan Florida

My first 140.6 triathlon and the focus of my fitness journey in 2013.  After all the training and preparation, the race really was a celebration.

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So now what?

I am looking at 2014 as the year where I turn my attention to others.  Sure, I have my goals and challenges, but their point will be to benefit someone other than myself.  I am running the Miami Marathon while fundraising for Brianna, my son’s seven year old friend who needs a heart transplant.  I will be racing the South Beach Triathlon with Kerry Gruson, my paraplegic friend so that she can feel what it’s like to cross a finish line. I hope to travel with my family in a fitness journey this summer and who knows, maybe another IronMan is in store.  I do have my #SixPackMami goal which has been in peril over the past weeks as I am traveling for the holidays. But even with that one, I hope to show other women out there that you can go after the seemingly impossible in a healthy way.

There are still many issues to be ironed out, but what I do know is that chances are I’ll be nervous about reaching my goals.  Yet I welcome them and hope you join me as I take them on, one by one.  And if you were one of those people who struggled in 2013, perhaps we can look at the future with a positive outlook … together.

Let’s get this party started.

What are your goals for 2014?




3 thoughts on “Looking Back At 2013

  1. I’m so inspired. Inspired by your refusal to let your fears stop you from reaching your goals, for trusting your training plans, and for your goals for this year; running for your son’s friend and racing with your friend are some of the best things I can think of 🙂

  2. How exciting! You had a wonderful year, what an inspiration you are, and how driven you are! I think we are going to get on! There are only a few people in this world who can set such high goals and strive with every part of their being to achieve them, you are one of those people, and from what I see, I am sure you will achieve this years goals! I look forward to supporting you along the way!

    I also think it is so important you are running for Brianna, that will be such an eye opening experience, and will put things in the big picture more than anything. You are a wonderful woman!

    As for my goals, I struggled a lot in my first marathon due to an overdose of caffeine, and dehydration to go from a 2:40 pace marathon to finish in 2:49. I know I am better than this, so 2014 I hope to PR in the marathon, and half marathon! But at the same time, trying not to obsess over a time……tough balance!

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