Ironman Arizona Week 3: Mounting Frustration

Just as I was getting my engine started for Ironman Arizona I sprained my ankle. That made this week frustrating and dicey as I adapted my training to what I thought my ankle could handle.

I don’t think I did more damage than what I already had, but I certainly didn’t make things better as I pushed it just a teeny weeny bit. The ankle feels fine when I am riding or swimming, but at night, that’s when it hurts.

And two nights in a row the pain in my ankle woke me up. If I pressed on the side of my leg or on my shin, that would hurt too. On Friday, I decided I should probably see a Doctor … after my three-hour bike ride because I knew he was going to tell me to rest.

Snuck in this ride before being called out by doc.

Snuck in this ride before being called out by doc.

I know, I know. It wasn’t very smart even though I was smart enough to know he was going to tell me to rest. Which he did. He told me I had a high ankle sprain having hurt (I am not sure he said torn) one of the three ligaments that keep your ankle in place. It’s a ligament that runs across the top of the ankle. Unfortunately for me, that takes longer to heal because the muscles are larger and they run up your leg and hence the pain on my shin.

At first there was mention of an MRI which I said only if absolutely necessary since my insurance won’t cover the cost. Then there was mention of a boot to immobilize my foot. He must have seen my alarmed face, but then he said we could go without. He told me for the first week to only swim, then add bike on week two, and then come see him before I start running. I took the deal as if it was a plea bargain.

New way of taping ankle now that I know what is actually wrong. BTW, I'm NOT sponsored by KT Tape ... but would love to be ;)

New way of taping ankle now that I know what is actually wrong. BTW, I’m NOT sponsored by KT Tape … but would love to be as I am using this every day

I went home and threw a tantrum. Here I am terrified of getting hurt on the bike, or eaten by a shark in the swim and I get hurt stepping on a baby coconut during a run? I was in much better shape at this point last year getting ready for Ironman Florida, will I be able to catch up to reach my sub 13 hour goal for Ironman Arizona?

That same night, Joe, the boys and I set on a mini road trip up the Florida coast. If I was that concerned, you’d think I’d watch what I ate, or did some core or upper body training to at least do something. But I didn’t. I pouted, and then ate crap and played tourist along the space coast.

One highlight of trip was the Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

I swam once, in a murky and rip current filled ocean. But after Thursday’s close encounter with some sort of shark on my swim I was a little edgy and swam so close to shore my arms could touch bottom!

When we got home last night I finally decided enough is enough. I accepted I was injured, took in Joe’s comment “you are not the first person who gets hurt training for an Ironman” in good stride, and decided next week I will work around my ankle. I am hoping my actions follow my better attitude. I mean I have daily access to the ocean, able to go for long swims, a great excuse not to run, and extra time with the kiddos.  Why am I complaining again?

So this was my training:

Saturday: BIKE – family ride with Bike Key Biscayne

Sunday: REST

Monday: SWIM: Pool who knows what I did?

Tuesday: RUN: Or at least I tried running a couple of miles with Dreamer at the park.

Wednesday: BIKE: Got antsy and rode 1h30 on the trainer at home

Thursday: SWIM: Boys were at triathlon camp on the beach so I went with them. They went on a kayak and I went for my swim where I saw a lot of little fish (which makes me nervous), and then a shark. I kid you not. A FREAKIN shark. Not a huge one, but not small either. I sprinted out of the ocean and the life guard told me I should be okay. So I believed him and continued on my two mile swim.

Friday: BIKE: Computrainer ride at Ultrabikex Studio for 2h30.

Saturday: REST – while walking around Kennedy Space Center

Sunday: SWIM: Open water at Melbourne Beach. 1 hour.

How about you? How was your week? I hope it was less frustrating than mine!

Scene of my close encounter of the SHARK kind

Scene of my close encounter of the SHARK kind



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