Ironman Arizona Week 12: On Track

There was a discussion on following training plans on one of my Ironman Arizona forums. I was surprised at how many people were on top of things, following their plan and doing all their workouts. I must say I felt a bit like a slacker.

These people have jobs and children, they live busy lives just as I do and they put in the work that is needed to make their Ironman a success. That takes a whole lot of dedication and sacrifice. They inspire me because I know how hard that is.

My answer to the question was that just as in life, my training follows the 80/20 rule. I would say I skip one or two workouts a week. I do make sure I get the key ones done: the long rides, runs and swims. But I juggle the rest.


It's not to the best of my "ability" it's to the best of my "willingness"

It’s not to the best of my “ability” it’s to the best of my “willingness”

I’ve learned that life is not about anyone’s given ability to do anything; it’s about someone’s willingness to make the necessary sacrifices. Practice trumps talent. If I dedicated myself 100% to beat thirteen hours, chances are I could do it. But I am not doing the work, because there are other things I am doing and I am passionate about those too.

The beginning of this week felt terrible. My tempo run was awful and I couldn’t get any power on my interval bike workout. But then the long workouts came, and I got them done.

"My best was not good enough" face.

My face says how I felt after my tempo run

Then, instead of riding outdoors on the pancake flat roads of South Florida I rode 90 miles of hills of the Ironman Chattanooga course at the Ultrabikex Computrainer Studio. Again my power numbers weren’t stellar but I felt accomplished to have spent over five hours looking at a screen. My sixteen-mile run was not fast, but it was consistent; it’s been a while since that actually happened. And I swam four miles for the first time in life. That was about 80%, and I feel great about it. In my terms, this week was on track, even if I didn’t actually run on one.

Ultrabikex Computrainer

Here is how it went:

Monday: SWIM – Ocean open water 2.5 miles

Tuesday: RUN – Disastrous 1k repeats in the heat

Wednesday: BIKE – Disappointing wattage on an interval training course at Ultrabikex

Thursday: SWIM – Ocean open water – 4 miles

Friday: unintentional rest day.

Saturday: BIKE – 90 miles at Ultrabikex Computrainer Studio

Sunday: RUN – 16 miles on my own.

How about you? How was your training week? Are you on track with your goals?


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