Integrating American Lamb To Your Weekly Menu

There’s only so much chicken breast one family can eat a week. Yet chicken breast is lean, a good source of protein and my kids love it so guess what? We eat it way too often. In fact, my husband Joe is convinced he might lay an egg sometime soon. We also eat turkey, beef, and pork but in lesser quantities. Chicken is our main source of animal protein and I grill, bake, and stir-fry it constantly. It is getting a little tiring, cooking the same thing over and over, and then eating it! I am trying to diversify our family menu and have been recently introduced by Mountain States Rosen, the producers of Cedar Springs and Shepherd’s Pride, to the benefits of American lamb. They have provided me with the product and compensation so this post is sponsored though opinions are my own.  You can try it out too! Here’s a chance to win a chef made dinner for six:

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As I explained in my previous lamb shanks post, my family likes lamb. However I thought it was something special, exotic, and eaten only at a restaurant because I would not know how to cook it. Over the last few months, I have learned that even someone like me can cook lamb, and that it actually is another lean and healthy protein alternative. It’s been an “a-ha moment” to learn that a 3-ounce serving of lamb provides on average nearly five times more the essential omega-3 fatty acids (alpha linoleic acid) than a 3-ounce serving of beef. And therefore I am sharing these “a-ha moments with you!”

For me, as the weather cools, running and training season heats up here in Miami. It’s important to include lean, high protein in your diet.


Marathon training is ON.

Lamb is very lean and flavorful and with that same 3oz serving, you can do away with any excess fat and still get a great taste for those 175 calories! Lamb is also an excellent source of protein, which is essential for those of us who’re training, riboflavin, which produces energy, zinc for healthy growth and development, and so many other essential nutrients that help us keep going strong.

All this stuff is great, but can you cook it? If I can do it, you can too.

I am terrible at following instructions (just ask my Coach!) so I use these recipes as inspiration but then end up cooking with what is available in my pantry.

I have broiled lamb chops with Mediterranean spices trying to imitate the chuletas my kids devour at our favorite Spanish restaurant. Score. Easy peasy. Check out this recipe.


I used ground lamb to make a meatloaf and snuck in some ground vegetables without my kids noticing. No recipe here but prepare just as you would prepare meatloaf with ground beef or turkey. Just substitute half of your usual ground meat with lamb for juicy flavor.

Sneaking in the veggies

Sneaking in the veggies

And next up I’m going to do a stew on my slow cooker. This is especially helpful on my long run days. I just put the meat and veggies, turn on the slow cooker, and by the time I am done we have ourselves a filling, protein packed, nutritious meal. I found this recipe for inspiration and instruction: Lamb in Yellow Mole Sauce


Stovetop cooking? Here is a yummy recipe for Tender Braised Lamb Skillet.


If you end up with lamb leftovers you can make a salad for lunch the next day like this one: American Lamb and Berry Salad with Avocados.


Now you have some great weekly menu ideas!
You can check the Mountain States Rosen Company website for more recipes. And if you are in the United States, know that the lamb from Cedar Springs and Shepherd’s Pride come from a co-op family of ranchers with generations of experience and an unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture and animal care. Oh and Shepherd’s Pride lamb has no antibiotics or added hormones … never ever.

By adding lamb to our meal rotation, I’m hoping Joe will quit thinking he will lay an egg soon … unless of course, it’s a golden one!

A thankful hubby that I've been trying new things!

A thankful hubby that I’ve been trying new things!

To locate a grocer near you so you too can enjoy the great American lamb that we did here, go to Mountain States Rosen or visit to learn more about how American lamb is different. And better. (I can certainly attest to that!)

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