Bike Sebring: Riding? What Riding?

For the last 10 days I’ve been on vacation and a few thousand miles from my bike. In trips past, this lack of training brought me great turmoil, crankiness, and led me to jump extraordinary hoops to get my workouts in.

That is NOT where I am right now.

Closest thing I got to training was snowboarding, once.

Closest thing I got to training was snowboarding, once.

Prior to leaving the warmth of Miami to visit Joe’s family in the freezing northeast, I rode a century (100 miles). I rode by myself, didn’t draft at any point, and was able to maintain a 16.5mph average. That is a little higher than the pace I am going for at the Sebring 12 Hour Bike Race.  I felt I could probably keep going, though I am not sure if for another six hours.

That gave me some sort of confidence, since the week prior I spoke to Jim, from Jim Rides For Life. He was the guy behind my 400 mile adventure across Florida advocating for road safety in April of 2013. You can read about the GEICO Road Safety Bike Tour here, here and here. Jim has raced Sebring numerous times and was gracious enough to impart his wisdom on me. He said:

“If you could ride 100 – 120 miles and not be completely spent, you are good to go on the 12 hour.”

On the phone, I confidently said “Oh, I am there.”

Confident after my solo century

Confident after my solo century

Now after a week of nothingness, I am not so sure.

But whatever. Sunday, we are back in Miami and I am reunited with my bike. I have six weeks to race day, four before I lower the volume and taper. Of those weeks, with luck I’ll get in two centuries. And that will have to be enough.

Which it is …

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions and the only thing I said I’d do (and posted on Twitter so of course I’m committed) is to keep on my path and try to be a kinder, better person. To be kind, I need to be patient, and to be patient I need to be rested and not flustered. Though I know the world around me would prefer me to be kind, I really want to be kind and present for my kiddos.

Summer happiness

One of my fav summer pictures

In planning my 2015 adventures they are very much on my mind. And preparing for something like Bike Sebring is challenging, but also somewhat manageable. It feels so much less intimidating than Ironman. Even if only a couple of hours shorter, Bike Sebring training doesn’t entail double workout days, nor fitting in a swim in the middle of the day.

So this is good … I’m starting the training year on a positive note.

“Bike? What bike?” you may ask. And I’ll answer:

“My old faithful tri bike, waiting in my garage for me to get home and take it for a spin.”

Not quite the garaje, but my bike is waiting for me!

Not quite the garaje, but my bike is waiting for me!


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